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You are now entering the construction zone!

Since the inception of The Pride Pages, the business has constantly been adapting to the demands of its readers and clients. Now that it is 2017, we are making another big change for our company. Anthony and I took over this business with six core concepts in mind. While we have worked harder on some than others, we have never stopped trying.

In a world dominated by smartphones, we were missing a huge opportunity to reach more people. Not for long! Our new app for The Pride Page has been in development for almost a full year now. Largely due to unforeseen set backs which have cost us considerable time. However, we are closer than ever to launching our FREE iPhone and android app.

What you can expect for 2017. We are going all digital! With the cost & waste associated with printing thousands of directories, we decided it would be best for our readers, the environment, and our clients to switch our directory platform. This has largely been driven by consumer demand. As mentioned, we are oh so close to publishing! You’ll have to stay tuned for our release date.

In closing, we will never stop being a part of the community. We will never stop connecting LGBTQIA+ people to resources that are welcoming and affirming of our lives. We will never stop supporting the fight for equality. There are no words to describe the amount of love and support we have received through this business, and we only hope that our readers and clients know how hard we are working for them.

Please stay tuned for updates when our app is ready to download. If you’d like to join the email list for updates, please email

Thank you!