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The Pride Pages has been around since 1994 and is a directory of businesses and organizations who want to market towards the LGBTQ community. We represent a diverse group of businesses, organizations and professionals who work to provide the LGBTQ community with products and services.

We know that being comfortable in certain environments is important to our community.  The Pride Pages is a place where the LGBTQ community can find safe and friendly resources to take care of their daily business, needs, and wants.

While providing great resources for our community, it is also important to us to help build and keep those businesses and organizations who support our community thriving.  Part of the way in which we are helping advertisers is by creating more visibility for them.  That is why we have enhanced and created more ways in which businesses and organizations can advertise with the Pride Pages.  When advertising with us you are automatically put in the online directory and our mobile app.  We are not stopping there though, as we are continuously looking for ways to help our advertisers branch out and grow.

Our goal is simple – to build stronger, bigger, and better LGBTQ friendly businesses and organizations, while providing great LGBTQ-safe and -friendly resources for our community, making people from all over want to visit, live, and be a part of the LGBTQ community here in St. Louis.  By patronizing the companies included in The Pride Pages Business Directory, the LGBTQ community of St. Louis is growing like it never has before!

The Pride Pages directory confirms what we in our community have known all along; we are talented, productive and determined to succeed as individuals, as families, and as a proud community.

This directory showcases the best our community has to offer. It represents a diverse group of businesses, organizations, and professionals who work to provide us with products and services that enrich and support our lives. Whether you are picking out a restaurant or buying insurance, the directory makes it easy to connect you with the extensive marketplace of people, products, and services available throughout the St. Louis Metropolitan Area.

We are not a “telephone book.” Even more so, we are not just a business directory.  The Pride Pages is a vehicle that facilitates advertisers to grow within the LGBTQ market, while providing excellent resources to our community.  Our publication offers outreach within and beyond our community.  It provides published affirmation of our existence and illustrates the diversity and unity within our community.

As you review the latest edition of the Pride Pages Business Directory, make a commitment to openly and frequently support the advertisers and organizations within these pages. Your support is the best way to ensure their continued ability to serve our community.

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